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EARTH MOTHER CRYING  starstarstarstarstar
Hello Again,

My name is Karen Lake McElroy. I am the writer of the words to Prophecy Keeper Song. I listen to this song often.

Some time ago before ...

CognitiveOS Hypnosis, the missing link  starstarstarstarstar
The CognitiveOS Hypnosis, a mind therapy developed by Luca Bosurgi during 20 years of clinical experience, is a healing strategy based on working with ...

MICHAEL JACKSON: COSMIC ALIEN  starstarstarstarstar
Ever sense the spiritual graduation of the entity the world recognizes as the 'King of Pop', I've been reluctant to share my thoughts about the life and ...

Our Ever Changing World 
It is the same old story it seems! We must do something but really we must do something extraordinary.

We must do something to create an atmosphere ...

Shri Radhe Maa ---The divine gaze 
Pray as if you possess no will. Work as if everything depends on you.

Be contented with the things of the world.

Develop greed for God.Mamtamai ...

Prophecy Keepers Song-My consciousness was split in half and functioning in both halves. 
It is about 9:30 in the morning on February 9th 2005. I just got my granddaughter off to school.

I sit down to check my email and notice an email from ...

Spiritual Healing ... life. 
Media really is a fake, ive knew this for awhile, and law of attraction for about 2 years.

But i've never come across this spiritual thing.

Famous ...

Effect of Spiritual healing in curing Unwanted & Uncurable diseases 
I am working as spiritual & Distant healor from Udaipur (India)
specially for the patient suffering from Breast Cancer,
Parkinson,Paralytic strokes, knee ...

Spiritual Healing - Living the moment and enjoying the blessing 
At 26 I was diagnosed with Epileptic seizures due to some type of calcification on the right side of the brain.

I had Grand Mal siezures and lost ...

Part time author, blogger - Full time Institute on Disabilities professional. 
This is my story: Scott Trudo, author of Live Your Passion and author of

Let me tell you a bit about myself and how I came ...

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