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Many people underestimate the advantages of online marketing with a niche targeted website. These benefits are plainly visible when compared to offline hardcopy advertising.

Let's use the example of a monthly magazine with a print run of 10 000 copies. You could be looking at anywhere between $200 and $15000 to place an advert in one publication. This all depends on the size and placement of your ad.

We can offer you a deal which costs significantly less and can do far more for your brand awareness.

Offline ads don't offer the reader a chance to click through to read more about your product and allow you to turn them into prospective clients. We have done half the work already, by attracting readers which are specifically interested in our niche website.

We are .com registered and thus receive worldwide internet traffic. There are not many (if any) paperback publications that can offer your brand the option of worldwide recognition. What better way to expand your marketing strategy!

Our Stats

We have seen steady growth in our field and are currently enjoying in the region of 25 000 page views every 3 months. A well placed attractive ad would benefit greatly from that many page views.

With consistent updates and revision of our content, we expect that number to climb quite rapidly. As mentioned before, our traffic comes from all over the world. We are able to give percentage breakdowns of our site visitor demographics.

Obviously figures are constantly changing and can go into a lot more detail. We are more than willing to share up to date figures with interested parties.

What We Can Offer

We have full control over the content and design of this website, and thus are in the position to offer a wide range of options to prospective advertisers.

You may wish to choose a banner for your advertisement. The banner option is very flexible with regards to size and positioning, from the micro banner (88x31) to the leaderboard (728x90). Banners can be placed across site, or on selected pages.

Clients with the correct profile, complementing our sites theme, may be given the option of a dedicated tier 2 or tier 3 web page. This will be your page and no other external advertising will be placed on it (unless otherwise requested).

Any advertising and links will be screened for suitability before being accepted to run live on the site. Pricing is compiled on a 'per customer' basis as each advertiser will have unique requirements.

We are flexible with payment terms, but will offer more competitive rates for bulk payments i.e. 6 months or 1 year.

Use the form below to discuss a rate for you.

So You Don't Waste Your Time

Advertising on our site must be truthful and mutually advantageous. Meaning our site and visitors must also benefit from your theme relevant ad.

Those looking for text link advertising from unrelated sites, for the sole purpose of page rank building, need not apply. This form of advertising is not in the spirit of our site and will not be accepted.

Let Us Know How We Can Be of Help

To You and Your Business!

To discuss your advertising needs or answer any questions you may have, drop us an email and we will get back to you ASAP.