Basics of Energy Healing Therapy

At my most recent Energy Healing Therapy workshop I was so excited to work with a huge crowd (held at the Womongathering festival in Poyntelle PA in June). This was a crowd that was not afraid of energy healing!!

The workshops I offered taught a combination of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), affirmations and Belief Modification.

First of all the presentation space created some challenges. We were at a summer camp. The buildings were made to keep out rain, but they were not weather tight and it was about 45 to 50 degrees all weekend. And rainy!! Wow.

Perhaps I should have offered "Cloud Busting 101" or "Environmental Temperature Raising for Residents of the Northeast US" (Yes, I've done the former, but not the latter!!)

Anyway, for the first session we packed 60 women into the space, filled every chair and had to go looking for more. Wonderful!!

And what a great group. If I asked a question I didn't have to wait for an answer. Someone (or many someones!) volunteered an answer. People had great questions. Attendees helped each other with answers.

The point of the workshop was to allow for clearing of blocks of all varieties . That is, after all, the essence of energy healing therapy.

Of course, one of the first questions we tackled was "What is a block- how do I know where I have blocks?"

Excellent question (I have to thank one of the wonderful workshop attendees for that great question.)

Energy healing therapy is all about fine-tuning the subtle frequencies so that the manifestation at the grosser level is positively affected.

What that boils down to is that we can know where blocks in our lives are based on how things are going.

What I have noticed in my own life is that if I have a belief that is out of whack with what can really be possible, I have hiccups in my day to day life that aren't that great- money problems, relationship problems, health problems.

In short, a block gives evidence.

Here's an example: If a person has a block (or more likely blocks) about her weight, her body will show it. She will have the health or weight problems that manifest in her body as a result.

One of the challenges here, and one of the reasons that I never diagnose someone else's condition (besides the major and obvious fact that I am not a doctor and am not trained in medicine!) is that beliefs are so slippery. They have different aspects.

It is rare to meet someone who has a simple belief that makes her overweight that says "I can't be thin." That'd be too easy. There is no complexity there. The solution would be to talk her through a logic pattern like this:

Metaphysical Practitioner: Do you believe that you can be thin? Subject: No. Look at me. I'm fat.

MP: I want you to understand this: Thoughts are things. You've heard that, right?

S: Yes- and I know it's true.

MP: Good. So let's do a quick exercise and you can be thin very soon. Picture the perfect body. The way you'd like to look. Got it?

S: Yes.

MP: Now, picture your own face on that body. Got it?

S: Yes.

MP: OK- in your thoughts now, you are thin. Practice this image every day, feeling happy about the image and how you feel. You will be thin within a month.

S: Oh, Metaphysical Practitioner, thank you! Can I give you cash, or do you prefer my credit card?

OK- a silly scenario, but do I make my point? Anyone see what is missing here?

Aren't there other aspects to the "overweight" belief?

Here are some that I have experienced:

  • What I eat results in how I look
  • If I'm thin I will have to ward off unwanted attention
  • I can't afford all new clothes
  • It is safer to have a heavy covering around me
  • It is hard to be thin- and it takes a lot of work to get there and stay that way
  • I don't like to be deprived, and that is how a person gets thin
  • Eating supplies me with comfort, and I have a lot going on right now

What other aspects can you add?

Even our language supports our keeping our limiting beliefs, adding complexity to energy healing.

Consider these common phrases:

  • A busy, heavy person might say "I have a lot on my plate"
  • A broke person might say "I can't afford ..."
  • A person who has a hard time deciding a future path might say "It's hard" or "I don't know" (I have a couple of friends who use these phrases in conversation as filler! Instead of "um" or "ya know", inherently annoying in their own ways, these other fillers are mind killers and can derail any sort of success).

Energy healing therapy in its various forms can offer relief to anyone experiencing life problems of any variety.

I do want to emphasize that belief-level of the person receiving the energy healing therapy is the most important feature in choosing how to get the job done!! If you are practicing on yourself or practicing on another, beliefs will determine the outcome of the energy healing.

And here is another important point- if you are working on another person, or doing a healing for the benefit of another person if you are trying to affect change in another person's life, you will only be able to do so within the parameters of that person's beliefs and their allowing you.

In my workshop this past weekend, using combined energy healing therapy tools, including EFT and Belief Modification, we played with shyness, fear, physical pain and sadness. Over a very short period of time, women experienced varying degrees of relief from these, and other, aspects of blocks during the workshops.

If they took the tools they learned with them, they can be building on their successes and be, right now, creating empowered lives in directions they only hoped for before.

Watch this site, and very soon I will be unveiling more information and products on this site that will support any person who wants to achieve more positive growth in her or his life using energy healing therapy tools.

We all have the power.

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