I Changed my Mind - Here's the Magic Formula

Here is the story of how I changed my mind... How I really changed my mind!

I don't think a week goes by that I don't think of the man who told me "if you could only think differently, you'd be ok."

Even though he didn't tell me how to do that, over time, many years in fact, the solutions came to me.

I think the solutions came because I had the idea in my head that I needed to change my mind, think differently, and that a solution to my problems was possible.

It was possible to be "OK".

How I changed my mind

Addiction to negative thinking is insidious. To change your mind from this terrible pattern of destructive thinking takes commitment, practice, passion and joy. I decided that I wanted my life to be a conscious life. For many years I was on a destructive path, with negativity in relationships, drinking, feelings of doom, depression.

Life was terrible!

And I certainly didn't learn about commitment, practice (practice what?), passion and joy overnight.

But what I did learn was that I change my mind one little bit at a time. The "how" has unfolded over time.

I changed my mind with commitment

There are many different paths to change your mind. After all, that is where we all have to start. The mind is kind of the conscious window to the soul. It is the access to your inner workings.

I made a commitment to live consciously in every area of my life. I made this commitment with a small group of friends.

Once I made that commitment to live consciously, I certainly didn't know what was going to happen, but I knew that things in my life would change (or I would change). I knew that Source would start making changes in my life that would send me in new directions. But I'd made a commitment to the process, to evolving with Source, and that I was willing to pay any price.

It was my job to get out of the driver's seat.

I changed my mind with practice

What is practice?

Practice what?

One thing is clear, to change your mind does take practice. I changed my mind by practicing different thoughts, practicing different actions, and practicing being a new person.

Among other things, I started talking with my understanding of God a lot more. I also practiced acting differently with my friends and family.

I also sought out new role models, people I wanted to be like. Some of these people were "real people" that I knew. Others were people in books or movies. There are lots of movies that make me want to be a better person, and those are the movies that I like to watch the best.

The other practice, and boy did this take time to learn, is that I can choose my thoughts and feelings and so, I changed my mind by thinking different thoughts and by practicing feeling differently.

After all, I'm the one who wants to be happy and feel free - so it's up to me to feel that way!

Now, most of the time, I do!

I changed my mind with passion and joy

Today, rather than negative thoughts running my life, I am excited about things that I do each day. I am surrounded by people I love, and who love me. I love the work that I do, here at the web site.

If I find myself waiting someplace (getting the oil changed in my truck, or whatever) I enjoy being alone with my thoughts.

That didn't used to be true.

But making a commitment to practicing passion and joy brings more passion and joy!

Always remember, you are the one who gets to decide what you think and feel.

No one is more committed to your happiness than you.

That is worth repeating: no one is more committed to your happiness than you.

Again, this is a practice. We never get to be perfect (except that we are perfect in our imperfection!)

A fantastic tool to change your mind faster

Affirmations are powerful suggestions that seep right into your mind. Stated in just the right way, affirmations can get to the heart of the matter (what ever that matter is) and effect tremendous change, sometimes in a very short period of time.

Have you heard of Emotional Freedom Techniques?

It is also known by its acronym as EFT and it is a powerful way to reprogram your mind, using a combination of affirmations and tapping on energy meridians, some of the same points that are used by acupuncture and acupressure.

I changed my mind over the course of 20 years without EFT. I wonder what I could have done in a quarter of that time with it?

That remains to be seen, as I practice now! You can be sure that I'll report back here!

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