Money? Lifestyle? Relationship? Use the power of intention and these simple ideas to create your reality

Intention is Attention.

The power of intention is the power to create.

Let's pick one particular outcome and walk through the steps, using the power of intention, to create it.

Intention works because of the power of the mind. Every minute of every day, each one of us creates reality, our own reality. Even if you don't know it or aren't conscious of it.

So rather than saying (complaining), "but I wouldn't have chosen this life problem (insert: bad relationship, being broke, stupid job)", say instead, "I choose to use my power of intention to create the relationship/money/work that I want."

In other articles (click here for example) on this site, I've talked about the steps of manifesting.

For this article, I want to focus on just one part of manifesting: intention. Intention is one kind of focus of the mind. It is paying attention to a particular thing, material object or desired situation or outcome.

Intention requires knowing what you desire. By knowing what you desire you know where to pay attention (or pay intention).

Here's an example:

Let's say I want to reach 500 readers to my site every day. Certainly there are actions I need to take to get those readers, but starting at the very beginning of manifesting, the very first step to create the reality that I want, I begin with the intention to reach 500 readers per day.

Here is how to practice the power of intention on this topic:

Each day, I am excited about talking with my readers. I maintain in my mind positive feelings about the messages that I send to my audience. When I am not at my computer I think about how much fun it is to create articles for my site and how I hope to be helpful to people reading the information. As I continue to think about my work and the visitors to my site, I also think about how I am continually inspired with new ideas for new articles that people will enjoy reading. I feel the success I enjoy as a result of my readers enjoying my work. I think about people sharing my site with others by emailing links to pages in my site. I think about the people who contact me through the site to share their experiences. I picture my site statistics climbing higher and higher, as more people visit and read and enjoy the site. I practice, starting in my mind, loving what I do.

Each day, at different points during the day, sometimes for a minute, sometimes for a longer period of time, I practice holding these thoughts. Of course, this isn't all I do to build my site or attract readers, but I certainly find that maintaining mindset, practicing the power of intention, focusing attention, is the best place to start.

As a result of my intention practice, I find that I learn more good actions to take each day. More good intention, more good feeling, more good action, more good results... You can easily see how the power of intention builds into a spiral of success!

Try it on something you like! Contact me and let me know how you do!

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