Business idea for Practitioners of Alternative Therapies

Are you searching for a business idea that will allow you to start or to grow your alternative therapies business?

I am writing this report to tell you about a system that I use that can do any of the following things for you... (and I know because these are things that are happening for me!)

Do you want a business idea that would allow you to:

  • Contact clients when you are not in the office
  • Attract a higher "quality" of client (maybe one who is already knowledgeable about your methods)
  • Allow you to work with multiple clients at one time

I'm Melanie, and this is my web site.

As a student and practitioner of energy healing for many years, I wanted a way to talk to people about energy healing but I couldn't start a full-time business. I had a job and couldn't possibly reach the numbers of people I'd need to reach to support myself and my family right away.

The Internet is the New Frontier

Now I've always been full of ideas - never a shortfall there. And I've studied marketing, so I knew that any business plan would take a while to get off the ground.

In fact, at one business idea seminar that I attended, the instructor suggested that everyone should be on the Internet.

"Have a web site," he said from the large stage with all the bright lights, "and teach your customers and clients 24 hours a day. You'll make a TON of money."

This instructor then went on to tell the story of a man who owned an alternative therapies shop (I think he was an herbalist) in a small town and how he exploded his business by marketing individual products to an online customer base by teaching them about the herbs and their properties and different ways to use them.

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Well, I got excited.

I could put up a web site (I'd actually made a small one before) and I'd get rich.

I'm sure you can tell already where this is going...

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