The Universal Law of Attraction

The Universal Law of Attraction states that "like attracts like." It's a very basic concept that anyone can put into practice. In fact, we�re all living by this natural law every moment of our lives without even knowing it.

Rhonda Byrne rediscovered this natural law by studying ancient literature, and she revealed her discovery in The Secret, a book and movie that�s changing the lives of people like you every day.

The Law of Attraction is as basic and universal as Newton�s law or any other scientific law you can think of.

It�s basic and governs every single living thing.

The key to tapping into its power is to understand exactly how it works. The Universal Laws of Attraction basically explains why some people seem to attract all the good things in life, while others seem to attract the bad.

Essentially, whatever you focus on is what you�ll keep attracting more of. Focus on the good things you want to have, and you�ll attract those things; focus on the lack of those good things, and you�ll just keep attracting more lack.

There are three basic steps involved in putting the Universal Law of Attraction into practice.

The first is to ask for the things you want. Whether you believe in God or not, it�s undeniable that there is some governing force that watches over us all. The universe will never grant your wishes if you don�t ask for them.

Asking is the most basic form of focusing on the good things you want, but you have to ask in such a way that you�re focusing on the things themselves and not the lack of them.

If you feel like you don�t make enough money, then figure out a set amount in your head and decide that you�re going to have that amount of money in a certain amount of time.

Think on this every day and wilfully ask the universe for it.

The second step in putting the Law of Attraction to work is to believe. The moment you ask for something, you�ve got to believe that you�ll receive it.

This is an important part of focusing on the thing you�re asking for instead of the lack of it. Believing that you�ll receive it is like putting your faith in God or the universe to provide you with the thing you want.

If you don�t have faith, then you�re focusing on the lack of the thing instead of the thing itself.

The third and final step in the Universal Law of Attraction is to receive. It�s highly unlikely that the things you want will fall from the sky one day, so you�ve got to actively pursue them.

Asking for a husband and then spending all of your time at home alone will not allow you to receive your gift, no matter how much you focus on it.

Think of your desire as a goal that you set for yourself and then strive to receive that goal every single day.

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