You are Soul and Body - and
You are what you think (you are!)

There is tremendous power in the soul and body that you are!

"All diseases appertaining to man have correspondence with the spiritual world, for whatever in the whole of nature has not correspondence with the spiritual world has no existence, having no cause from which it can exist."� (Arcana Celestia, p.5711.)

What if you could control your thoughts?

You are soul and body- you are the tools you need to bring about the health and wealth that you desire.

What if each thought you had brought you the success you've only dreamed of until now?

Disease of any kind (physical disease, poverty, emotional distress) is caused by thought. Change a thought and change your experience.

Fear and faith have direct influence on success. The problem with thought control is that we aren't taught it. So it isn't your fault!

If you are sick, if you need more money, if you aren't happy� It's not your fault! (But there's a way out and you can have it!) Read more in "Soul and Body", prepublished only here, for the first time in over 100 years!

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Way back in the late 1800s a new philosophic movement started: the New Thought movement. A few people (in various professions and backgrounds) discovered that thoughts manifested situations in people's lives in a very scientific way, and that process of changing the pattern of thoughts in a certain way could be used to cure people of disease and all sorts of negative life conditions.

Warren Felt Evans, a New Thought pioneer, was trained as a Methodist minister and was a fine writer; he put what he learned into books that were quite popular when he was alive. People clamored for the information in his books, some of which went into one printing after another, as they were sold out. (One book went into 15 printings! And that was without to sell his books on the Internet!)

Evans' had an incredible flair for the dramatic and a powerful way of transmitting ideas using quotes from religious texts and others' research. He had an entertaining writing style.

Unfortunately, when Warren Evans died his books died with him. As each one went out of print, they were not printed again, and his ideas fell into the realm of the forgotten.

Ever try to find a book that is over 100 years old? Honestly, you don't just find them sitting on a shelf sometimes. I went searching for Evans' books as soon as I found out about them- and believe me I didn't just walk into Barnes and Noble to get them!

The title of the book is "Soul and Body". This book is an ebook, in Adobe pdf format and can be read on a Mac or a PC, using the free Adobe Reader, which comes standard on most computers (but can be downloaded for free at the Adobe web site,

Evans explains in the six, powerful chapters of "Soul and Body":

  • Where disease comes from (and how to cure it!)

  • The use of prayer in healings of all kinds (physical health, wrong thinking, poverty� anything!)

  • The use of the hands in healing (yourself or others);

  • Practical application of spiritual principles into daily life (not just "you should do this" but HOW to live as the powerful, spiritual being that you were meant to be!)

I have been very moved by this book. Not being a religious person, I was concerned that the religious references would be too strong. Evans quotes many different religions and didn't pull any punches. You know where he stands. He was a devout Christian but wasn't afraid to talk about the spiritual principles from the East and West.

I have used these principles on physical health problems, financial problems and just plain old attitude problems. This stuff works!

"It is to be hoped that the work may contain something, to meet the wants of those who are striving to attain a truly spiritual life... It has been the aim of the author to make the work scientifically religious without being offensively theological."
-Warren Felt Evans in the Preface, "Soul and Body"

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