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Because of my lifelong interest in metaphysics, I am a Metaphysical Practitioner. I am a scientist of life. What that means is that I enjoy my life using the tools of metaphysics, which is the study and practice of meta- (from the Greek "after" or "beyond") physics (roughly, in this case, the science of the functions of life).

Throughout this web site you will find numerous articles written to assist you in your life journey.

While small talk and chat about the weather is almost painful (painfully dull!) for me, discussion of topics that have depth and meaning have always been far more interesting.

Here are a few articles pertaining specifically to metaphysics, addressing the topic in such a way that I thought putting them together would be meaningful for you.

The Healing Power of Prayer
I hear time and time again that God says no to prayers or that prayer go unanswered. Parents pray for sick children, who end up dying. Soldiers overseas die in battle, in spite of prayers from loved ones. I want to assure you that prayer works. God always says yes. Ask and you will receive still works.

Using the Power of Intention
The power of intention is the power to create. Intention works because of the power of the mind. Every minute of every day, each one of us creates reality, our own reality. Even if you don't know it or aren't conscious of it. Intention requires knowing what you desire. Article goes into detail how to use this incredible power.

Coincidence, chance meetings, communication from God, messages from angels... We all have had experiences in which we felt that there was special meaning happening for us. Synchronicity is all about the science of special meaning.

Spiritual Journey
This fun article refers to the journeys of the Knights of the Round Table and uses metaphor to show the reader how to contact her hidden wellspring of inner guidance.

Quantum Physics and Spirituality
Using the principles of metaphysics and the power of the mind to heal illness? Every day science shows that this idea, formerly considered science fiction, is fact, and is being performed by regular people more and more!

The Science of Mind
The Science of Mind is the science that studies the power of the human mind, gifted to us by the Universal Mind/Creator! Science as the doorway to great faith.

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