Dream Interpretation Dictionary

Before we provide our dream interpretation dictionary, lets look at dream interpretation. This is one of those topics that can really get me going.

If you've read even one other paragraph on this whole site, you know that creating your own reality, building self confidence, and harnessing the power of intention are BIG in my world.

When I hear folks talking about dream interpretation in a way that makes them victims of their own brain chemistry, I want to scream!

Dream interpretation isn't an excuse to lose your power!

Don't be a victim to your subconscious mind!

Working in concert, the conscious mind and the subconscious mind can perform amazing feats of manifestation, quantum spirituality, and healing.

But you are the driver. Your conscious mind has a very important role in the balance of dreams, desires and Diety.

What Dreams Are Made Of

Waking life, as with our sleeping experience, is chock-full of symbols.

In our sleep, we see images and understand them to be dream symbols, representative of parts of ourselves or our lives. That's why we feel we need a dream interpretation dictionary � it's that we feel the message isn't instantly clear.

In our waking lives, we also experience dream symbols. I like to call these coincidences or intuition.

Don't get me wrong � I absolutely and completely believe in a Power of the Universe.

I am constantly helped by what feel like angels guiding me. (I joke and call these "the voices", but my partner says I can't tell people I hear voices).

My point is whether you are awake or having a dream, meaning is part of the human experience. But please don't be a victim of it!

Another part of this pet peeve with dream interpretation rankles me when I hear someone say that they are "supposed to" do something as a result of a dream analysis.


Interpretation of dreams requires that the person doing the dream interpretation be bigger than the dream in some way! Stand back. Look at the thing. Own the symbols as parts of you, or representative of you (or even part of you).

Using language like "the dream means I'm supposed to find a new job" or "the dream analysis tells me I'm supposed to leave my family" takes all the power away from you.

Be bigger than that.

If you need permission to be in charge of your life � ok. I now grant you permission to be in charge of your life.

There. Happy?

Live consciously. Be aware.

Use our dream interpretation dictionary and dream analysis as tools, not conscription. Be powerful.

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