How Do You Define Personal Spiritual Growth?

Why is personal spiritual growth important? Why are so many people searching for something these days?

When I talk to people about spiritual growth, they frequently have questions about many different but related topics: mind power, intuition, clarity, getting free from guilt and fear.

People want their lives to mean something more than just going to work, driving the car, cooking a meal and cleaning up.

I've been getting more and more emails about this very topic.

My own personal spiritual growth has been so much about daily practice of inspirational thought. I consider these thoughts a gift of Universal Mind.

Mind power, or our electrical connection to Source, is the key to each of our own spiritual growth journeys. I read a beautiful article today by a Buddhist monk who was teaching about mind and how mind isn't a thing � it's more like the energy between us all.

I think the expression "personal spiritual growth" is actually a misnomer. I use it because it is an expression that people recognize as having significance. But my own use of it is for that reason only � for recognition that we're talking about spiritual matters. The trick is, LIFE � "it's" all spiritual.

Infinite Mind is what we are � so how could there be spiritual growth? We are already as grown as we're going to get! We're already perfect beings.

Now, certainly, many of us are in varying degrees of this realization and practical application. There is no right or wrong place to be in the realization, either. Our world now is made up of mystics who have to go to work, do jobs, raise families, and who practice healing prayer in between appointments and obligations.

Listen to your intuition. What's your gut telling you? Practice this connected feeling, and in this way you'll find answers (of all kinds) you seek.

This spiritual growth that I'm talking about is very practical in day-to-day terms. Your intuition will guide you in matters of relationships, tasks to complete at work, which way to drive home, whether the street you're walking on is safe right now, which bills to pay.

Look for results. If your life is "working", things are going smoothly, you're experiencing synchronicity, you feel healthy, happy and at ease, it's a safe bet that your spiritual growth plan is working.

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