Relationship Advice and the Spiritual Journey

Relationship advice of a spiritual nature´┐Ż

Part of the fun of being in the physical experience is the sorts of relationships that occur here.

People want:

  • ...soul mates,
  • ...friends,
  • ...children,
  • ...clients,
and a host of other sorts of relationships. A person on a definite spiritual path frequently has access to relationship advice that helps one stand firm in the face of the difficulties that can arise when a relationship becomes taxing (which they can do)!

Here are some articles that address this relationship advice. Of course, many other articles here offer relationship principles, but these meet this topic head-on.

Ending Loneliness - Loneliness is only fear in disguise. It's a fear of not being connected to anything or anyone. Many of us think we are hurting because of loneliness, and we think that if we find the right person, he or she will take us to a place called love.

Soul Mate - Do you wish to be in a relationship with your soul mate? Here are a few thoughts for you on this wish.

Relationship Advice - The advice I have to pass on to you is about the most intimate relationship you could ever have: it is your relationship with Source, Universe, God. Think of God as a power inside of you, inside of your soul, inside of each and every cell and fiber of your being.

To Love As To Be Loved - The first thing to know is that there is unlimited love for you in this universe. You'll receive it as soon as you're willing to, and as soon as you quit dictating where you think it should come from and how it should be delivered. Be present to your life, and you'll see love showing up in the most unexpected places.

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