Relationship Advice

This is a different sort of article about relationship advice. The advice you will find in this article isn't about you and another person, although your human relationships will benefit from this information.

The relationship advice I have to pass on to you is about the most intimate relationship you could ever have: it is your relationship with Source, Universe, God.

This has been my experience and I credit every successful relationship in my life with this information (whether it is my family, friends, clients´┐Ż everyone!)

Now, I'm not going to tell you what your God has to look like, or what you have to believe about this Power. I'm just saying, start where you are, believe what you believe. It is enough.

Let's start at the beginning.

My friend Ivan, a wise old man who had learned a great deal in his long life about the power available in a relationship with Source Energy, used to talk about the Finger Lakes near where he lived in this way. If he was sitting at a table, he'd lean way forward with his arms stretched out in front of him, hands together and he would ask, "What part of Cayuga Lake isn't wet?" Before you could even answer, he frequently explained this first question with another, by asking something like, "What part of you isn't spiritual?"

Ivan loved to give relationship advice, as long as it was about relationship to God.

You see, thinking of God as a power outside of you is only partly true. Think of God as a power inside of you, inside of your soul, inside of each and every cell and fiber of your being.

As I go through my day, I watch what happens around me. I interact with my environment. Sometimes I play the "Green Light Game" as I drive through town. At each intersection I observe the traffic lights and I get really excited about the green lights, opening traffic channels and allowing me to move forward, closer to my destination. I smile, I feel excited, I say "Thanks God, for giving me that green light!"

In spiritual terms, like attracts like. If you want to have a better relationship with yourself and with God and with the world around you (after all, where does one stop and God start?) be grateful. Express gratitude. Feel giddy about the good things going on. If you are looking for powerful relationship advice my friend, that is it!

Practicing gratitude in this way boosts self-confidence, builds self-esteem and allows me to move through the world as a whole person does, fully alive and aware, looking to see what else I can be grateful for.

And, in more mundane terms, a successful relationship with God can lead to a successful relationship with another human being! Maybe even that cute one you saw in the produce section at the grocery store last week!

Because after all, all this seeking that we do to get the right relationship with another human being, to find our "soul mate", is actually our desire to find fulfillment, to find connection within our own Power, which, remarkably enough, is within.

So that is my relationship advice for you: get right on the inside and watch the outsides of your life do back flips to please you!

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