Yoga and Spiritual Healing

Many folks beginning yoga are also involved in other spiritual healing techniques.Yogis have known for centuries that it has energetic healing powers that can surpass any drug or other healing therapy.

A healing plan that incorporates yoga can really enhance your progress. It is one of many spiritual healing techniques that brings together physical movement with philosophic thinking.

Yoga's very specific movements

  • perform deep massage of muscle and tissue
  • move energy in energy meridians
  • get chi flowing
  • move energy between the chakras
  • perform an overall tune up of the body

A benefit is the focus and quietening of the mind that occurs as a result. Performing yoga is quiet time for the mind. It is meditation, with postures.

Yoga uses intention and attention to work


By its very nature, you must concentrate on the postures (asanas) to achieve them correctly and completely. Movement is slow and intentional.

The connection between yoga and meditation is strong. Any concentration of this level taps into the subconscious mind and stirs the connection to Source energy.

While yoga, especially beginners', can be relatively easy to do, some rudimentary study can be helpful.

Yoga has been known to:

  • heal specific illnesses
  • repair structural problems in the body
  • help with weight loss
  • improve muscle toning

There are also various forms � with different degrees of difficulty.

Join us here as we explore the various forms as an energy healing tool, and its connection to the subconscious mind and spiritual healing!

One of my plans for 2009 is beginning yoga as part of my spiritual healing program for lower back issues and for my multiple sclerosis. I'll share what I learn and feel here in these pages.

     Helpful resources for beginning your practice...

Yoga homestudy course

The reason why yoga succeeds while other fitness programs fall over their heads is because it leads to the simultaneous development of the body and mind creating a perfect harmony as you proceed. Bring yoga into your daily life and you�ll notice the difference.

Yoga for Health

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