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I Changed My Mind... It's easy to change your mind about small things. "No, I think I'd rather have the salmon." But how about bigger matters, such as how you think of yourself? Negative thinking is an addiction, and this article has clues on how to get out of it.

How to Build Confidence: An Inspirational Story of the Spiritual Journey Our group that gathers by the sacred fire each year creates a guided path on the spiritual journey, and the benefits are tremendous.

Self Help and Spirituality for the Cure to Self Destruction When all looks lost and out of control, negativity won't solve the problem. Look to the postive. Here's the formula.

A Prescription For Spiritual Healing Learn to focus your mind on quotes or word phrases that inspire and delight you. Some call this a mantra, others call it reprogramming. Either way, filling your mind with these thoughts will certainly help make a bad day good, and a good day great!

How To Use Your Power Of Visualization Visualization can work to your benefit or your detriment. Your mind will create in your outer life the images you consistently hold in your inner life. The most fast-acting visualization uses all your senses. An additional way to maximize positive visualization is to live among images that support your idea.

"He Spoke To Them In Parables"

Reclaim Your Story To Be Inspired

Living in Synchronicity with the Universe

Experiments in the Science of Mind

The Trinity of Body Mind Soul

Inner Peace is Your Natural State of Mind

Need Stress Relief?

A Guided Meditation A transcript of a guided meditation you can use for yourself or others.

The Power of Intention

Ending Loneliness

Using Quantum Physics and Spirituality to Heal


The Long Arm of the Law of Attraction

Goal Setting

Your Spiritual Journey

Developing Your Positive Attitude

Relationship Advice

Meditation Techniques A basic understanding of meditation says that, if prayer is talking to God, then meditation is listening. Listen to a meditation tape or CD. In all of these meditation techniques, when you notice your thoughts running away with you, gently bring your focus back to your practice.

Spiritual Healing

Addiction & Recovery There are many different kinds of addictions. If you want to get on with your spiritual journey, the first step might be to walk out of the flames of addiction.

Healing from Depression I suffered from depression for years. Out of the woods now, I'd like to show you the path, so you can get out, too. It is possible to live without depression, and be drug-free!

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