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To learn insider secrets and powerful goal setting strategies, visit SMART Goals to discover how to create a road-map to achieve your goals for your personal growth and self improvement.

New Renaissance Magazine - an international magazine with a holistic coverage of ecology, economics, politics, society, science and the arts. Extensive online article directory.

Rebecca Marina of http://www.CelebrationHealing.com is a powerful and talented healer- and she can help you find YOUR OWN POWER! Jump into your life with both feet!

Angela Treat Lyon: Angela was our first guest on the teleseminar series! She talked about MANIFESTING POWERFULLY. See Angela's site for great information on PIGEES.com

Creative Health Alternatives for Self Healing-Enlightenment
Shorten the learning curve! Tap into my long life Experience and Passion as a Health and Human Potential Educator. Learn Ancient Chinese Medicine, Nano Acupuncture, Chi Meditation for your Self Healing and Transformation of Consciousness. Experience Aha! Chi.

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