Find your soul mate on your spiritual journey

Here are a few thoughts for you on soul mates. Do you wish to be in a relationship with your soul mate? Well I have a question for you on this: why?

When I hear this expression, I frequently get the sense that the person doing the wishing is putting their spiritual development on someone else's shoulders.

I've heard, "I want to find mine because then I'd finally be with someone who really loved me," or "then I'd know that everything was going to be ok?


Are you looking for someone else to do your growing for you?

Stop it.

A soul mate, if there is really such a thing, is a person you can grow with.

Now, that isn't necessarily easy, is it? In fact, it may sting a little at times.

I don't figure a soul mate to be the person that condones your bad behavior, lets you whine or allow you to live in your childhood, 30 years later.

I am very fortunate to have a small group of women friends. They are about as close to my soul mates as I could ever hope for. You know why I believe that? They insist on me putting forth my best at all times.

We do that for each other.

When we get together we compare notes on life. We insist on clarity, living consciously and always living life to the fullest.

This wonderful group is very special to me, and our each getting together as individual friends and as a group is kind of a chance happening.

... kind of like our souls having to find each other.


That is a soul mate.

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