Vision Boards

Learn about Visions Boards and how they are used

Vision Boards are basically a collage of pictures of things you want in your life, or of what you want to achieve or become.

The reason for using a goal board is to further facilitate the universal law of attraction.

As we have already learned, the law of attraction is the practice of attracting positive things to your life. What you think about and what you want.

By using a picture or word board to be reminded everyday of things you want to achieve you further encourage the law of attraction in your life.

With these boards in full view you are giving lots of attention on the things you want out of life.

A visualisation board is a very fun thing to do and you can really let your imagination run free! Always remembering of course that you fully believe everything you lay out.

In other words don't include something that you think you will never achieve...although after having read a bit about the law of attraction I sincerely hope that words like never, can't, and won't happen have disappeared from your vocabulary. Always substitute these words with positive words!

Everything I include on my vision boards are possibilities for my life and I fully believe at the time of preparing them that I can achieve them...keep in mind though that maybe a year down the line you create a new board with slightly different goals and aspirations.

This does not mean that you have given up on what was previously there, it simply means that you might have changed and what filled you with excitement before just isn't true anymore. It is always best to update your board when it gets to the point where you look at it and you don't feel excited.

For example, when I first started reading about the law of attraction and vision boards I had a 9-5 job and what I aimed for was along the lines of promotion and success in my employment.

Since then I am now earning money from my 5 websites and even though I guess the overall end result in terms of money has not changed, my journey to success has definitely changed.

Whereas before everything was a more trapped way of doing things (JOB), now my boards include much more travel etc as I can carry on my work from wherever I am.

I still have the same picture of the kind of house I want to own when I settle down and I have a nice picture of a dream car but many other things have changed.

Your goal board is going to be your most powerful visualisation tool for the law of attraction...spend a few minutes each day contemplating and just gazing at it! This is a very simple way of manifesting your dreams to reality.

You never know where life is going to take you but you can sure help guide it the way you want. Figure out exactly what you want and go for it, starting with making your vision boards.

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