What is Law of Attraction?

So what is Law of Attraction? In the most basic sense it can be explained with this statement - everything that comes into your life you are attracting into your life.

Whatever you have in your mind and are thinking about is what you will attract.

Negative people with negative thoughts attract negative things � whereas positive people with positive thoughts attract positive things.

Doesn�t it seem like a person who is always smiling and always positive only has good things happen to them? What do you say about people like these? What a lucky person that is...they always have the best of luck...

It is not luck it is their thought process...by living their life always looking on the bright side they are applying the law of attraction! All of their positive thoughts are attracted to their life. Perhaps without knowing it they are using the law of attraction.

Now think about your normal thought processes on a day to day basis...are you someone who is always thinking of negative things? I hate my job, I don�t have money, I feel ugly, fat or are you on the other hand thinking happy thoughts like I have a job, I have enough money, I am feeling good today...

One of the most important things to do when beginning to learn and practice the law of attraction is not to concentrate on the things you do not have but rather show gratitude and thankfulness for the things you do have.

As soon as you start doing this you will immediately notice a change in your mood, your thoughts and your energy.

The moment I learned about this law and began applying it everything just seemed to improve! Whereas before I always used to worry about money, the moment I stopped, a few things happened...first off a tax rebate came for $690 and then my husband went to work and found $20. Now I know this isn�t a lot of money, but for me it is confirmation that the universe will provide if you just believe that it will.

To successfully practice the law of attraction you must do 3 things:




Ask what you would like the universe to provide for you, really believe that this will be yours and then be open and accepting to receive it.

This is my definition to the question 'What is Law of Attraction?'

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