Our Ever Changing World

by Karen Lake-Mcelroy
(Spokane, Wa)

It is the same old story it seems! We must do something but really we must do something extraordinary.

We must do something to create an atmosphere of divine acceptance. Feed the hungry or do something for the needy or sick or down trodden. The list goes on and on.....

I must create-I must do- In the world we live in we have the ones who have it all and we have the ones who have nothing.

99% of the one's who have it all-have it all because they chose to better their lives through education. They went to school/college to make a better world and how can we condemn them? We cannot!

The ones who have nothing - and I suppose I would be labeled in that group that have nothing because the vision of their dreams was to build castles in the air-in other words, they chose-most of their dreams to live day by day raise their children and see to it that they lived their dreams not thinking of the future but thinking of today.

What can I do today that will make it better for others. I feel we did not think about the future as that would have had a different set of rules to live by.

It is very esoteric to think of tomorrow in a starving world of today. I used to think what will tomorrow bring but how can I think that way when I see the hungry and the ones who have nothing suffer in a world void of vision for the betterment of humanity.

I cannot even think about my life of tomorrow in a world full of everything I ever wanted or needed. It just is not important.

I had a brain aneurysm in 2001 that almost took my life and I have turned the tables.

I do not take one thing for granted-except for I wake up each day and I ask "What can I do today to make a better life for others or myself".

The answer is always the same "Do your very best" Create and contribute to mankind and the world.

It might be painting, music or art of some kind - it might be sending the neighbors some extra food or wood for heating their home or it might be an encouraging word or nod of approval.

Remember we are all in this together and we must endure the good the bad and everything in between.

It is How we do it that is so very important.

I do not need a degree to see the imbalance of justice and service. I do not need a degree to know that my neighbor is suffering or that their child needs medicine or shoes or food.

Look around and feel the heart beat of your neighbor and friends. Look around to see the beauty of the human spirit and the spirit is full of grace and wonder and spirit filled.

Even though it is different then yours, It is still just as important. We are all one in the big puzzle we call life! Some just don't know where they fit in.

One can learn very fast when one throws out the old rules and works with information that better fits the conditions of the world we live in at the present.

It just takes new thinking-out dated rules and information just does not work very well in the present way we live and do business.

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