CognitiveOS Hypnosis, the missing link

by Nadine Aurel
(Los Angeles CA)

The CognitiveOS Hypnosis, a mind therapy developed by Luca Bosurgi during 20 years of clinical experience, is a healing strategy based on working with the spirit to control and troubleshoot the mind. This may sound far from clinical to many, suggesting philosophy over science; a notion hardly accepted by most scientists and physicians.

Well, the question is simple, do you feel that your spirit it is just a philosophical notion or is it your real-self incarnated in your body and mind as your tools for living on earth? And, if you agree that your spirit is your real-self, doesn’t it make sense that the driver takes control over its vehicle?

This awareness, if accepted, changes your perception about your identity. It repositions your spirit as the driver and your body and mind as a sophisticated vehicle, a complex and powerful robotic system that needs control and care, and if poorly guided easily develops physical and mental conditions and illnesses.

CognitiveOS Hypnosis is a leading force in the emerging field of mind-spirit therapies because it bridges scientific knowledge with spiritual empowerment. This psychotherapy process uses hypnotic and shamanic techniques to talk directly to the higher-self, it guides the spirit in the task of cleansing psychological traumas, takes control, heals and coaches the mind.

This is the rationalization of an old process built on the spirit-mind hierarchy that has been used intuitively for centuries by some of the leading spiritual healers, psychotherapists, hypnotherapist and masters in eastern disciplines able to coach people to major changes.

This process has been reinforced by Luca Bosurgi’s discovery of a communication tool that exists in between the spirit and the mind. A link that allows the physical and the spiritual to communicate: the CognitiveOS (Cognitive Operating System).

This unexplored interface is able to convert our spirit’s frequency to physical signals comprehensible by our mind. If successfully developed and trained, the CognitiveOS allows our high-self to enter in full control over mind and body, clearing physical and mental disorders and illnesses and allowing balance and happiness.

The rational concept of the spirit taking control over mind and body is the next fundamental step in the Homo Sapiens natural progression. This ‘spiritual revolution’ is made possible by two of the most powerful milestones in recent human history: the ‘mind revolution’ and the ‘woman revolution’.

Let’s quickly revise the process that irreversibly changed the way that we think and act. In the last century the human mind has been upgraded to unprecedented levels of intelligence and data processing capability. This process that began with the industrial revolution has been greatly boosted by the consumerism and the technological revolution of the last 60 years.

For the first time in the history of humanity our mind has been confronted with an overwhelming amount of goods to choose from. It has been challenged by the daily use of highly sophisticated equipment such as cars or computers and has been educated by an overpowering amount of information through media and internet. Most importantly our mind has been severely tested by breaking free from the restrictive although safe dogmas and roles imposed by culture, society and religions.

The human mind adjusted to new needs and expanded as never before, confirming the power of the mind over the body, intelligence and choices over physical strength and dogmatic roles.

The ‘mind revolution’, a widely unspoken milestone in the history of humanity, became apparent in the western world around the 60s. The hippie’s movement was the first mass expression of it, a violent reaction to a set of cultural roles too limited for the new needs.

'Mind over body' opened the door to the ‘woman revolution’, allowing a new flow of fine intelligence to enter the business, medical and scientific arenas. This has greatly enhanced the quality of thinking, as well as balanced the male-female energies in both sexes allowing new strategies based on less rational and more intuitive thoughts.

The new minds, more analytical, balanced and open than ever before, and spoiled by material wealth, started searching for the real purpose of life. Spirituality became the leading search subject for most. The ‘new age’ movements began, a confusing, scattered, however significant preparation to the ‘spiritual revolution’ which is about to take the world by storm in the coming Age of Aquarius.

Now we are finally ready to capitalize on the struggles, mistakes and upgrades of the last sixty years, taking control over our mind and body, and in this way becoming professional drivers of our living robotics. This will activate our own personal powers and self-generated medicine and allow us to live a much more efficient, successful, and illnesses free life.

By Nadine Aurel

CognitiveOS Hypnosis Institute of California
[email protected]

Nadine Aurel is a Swiss actress with a background in theatre in Switzerland and Germany. Since January 2010 she resides permanently in Los Angeles transitioning into the film industry. She was seen as Sabrina in the horror comedy 'Creature of Habbit' and starred in ‘Shortcut to Hollywood’ with Jan Henrik Stahlberg and Markus Mittermeier. Together with Luca Bosurgi she founded the CognitiveOS Institute of California in December 2009. She co-operates closely with him in the development of the philosophy that lies behind his work and lectures at their seminars.

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