Effect of Spiritual healing in curing Unwanted & Uncurable diseases

by Devendra Kumar Joshi

I am working as spiritual & Distant healor from Udaipur (India)
specially for the patient suffering from Breast Cancer,
Parkinson,Paralytic strokes, knee joint pain and any kind body pain.

Apart from their regular medical treatment and medicines I involve them in total spirituality and use medicated oil massage on affected portion of body with my spiritual hands along with mantras.

The result are fascinating and attractive with self satisfaction.

My patient after the treatment starts working as normal person with full of joy and happiness. Regular massage 3 times in a day for 42 days certainly put positive effect and eradicate cancer germs from the body, starts blood circulation as normal.

I shall be glad to work as spiritual healor with you on demand for the benefit of mankind, and would love to perform joint research in eradicating this devastating disease from this world.

I was invited by Institute of transpersonal psychology, Bern to attend 12th International conference Eurotas 2010 going to held at Gwatt, Switzerland from 29.09.2010 as presenter of Spiritual healing techinique.

God bless to all.

Devendra Kumar Joshi

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