Spiritual Healing ... life.

by Sarah Leaman
(Bathurst NB canada)

Media really is a fake, ive knew this for awhile, and law of attraction for about 2 years.

But i've never come across this spiritual thing.

Famous Egyptians knew this, legends and much more.

I have this egypt art thing in my house n a few days ago, i was in the best mood ever.

I went up to the art and said " Show me everything " didnt expect much but from that point, i had to do this project and came across some creepy shit.

Plan of life, after life, and after life just vividly flowed throw my mind. I trust it. and dont let anyone tell me other wise.

Tupacs quotes&songs have much more meaning to me, and im willing to do WHATEVER it takes to heal my spirit. im willing to give up tv, computer anything i just need to get myself in order, and find out where to start.

Editors note

Hi Sarah, and thank you for sharing. I think everyone at some point in their lives gets to a point when they realise they need something more and start looking for answers.

For me it came after being diagnosed with MS and feeling very depressed.

It was when I started my journey that I began this website.

I just want this website to be a place where we can all share out thoughts and findings on what's working for us.

I hope you continue to let us know how everything is going for you :)

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