Prophecy Keepers Song-My consciousness was split in half and functioning in both halves.

by Karen Lake-McElroy
(Spokane, Wash -USA)

It is about 9:30 in the morning on February 9th 2005. I just got my granddaughter off to school.

I sit down to check my email and notice an email from Prophecy Keepers Internet Radio. Blue Otter has written to ask me to write a song to use for his radio station. He told me the title had to be Prophecy Keepers. I told him if I am met to write this song it will come in a day or two.

I went about running my errand and it became late afternoon. The girls come home from school and I am busy getting ready for the evening meal but decided to check my email first.

I looked at the clock and it said 4:00 pm. All at once this beautiful tune comes into my head. I start typing the lyrics as I sit at my computer.

Then I am also thrown into another dimension. I am in a mountain range and the thunder is rolling plus the lightening makes a a very beautiful display. I can feel the rain and the wind is blowing and I can hear the drum beats and I hear guitar and beautiful flute music and I then hear a woman's beautiful voice carrying the lyrics to this song I am typing.

I am sitting at my computer typing fully conscious but I am also very aware of where I am in this beautiful mountain range as I experience this song.

The song penetrates deep in my soul. I feel very high like I am connected to the universe. I am in complete control in both places and it is like I am split down the center-one part of me in the physical and another part of me in this beautiful mountain surrounded by bliss.

After I get this song written and composed, I completely emerge in my body again. I notice I am very high and I feel connected to the universe by what ever it is we connect with- I look at the clock and it is 4:12 pm. It took me 12 minutes to write and compose this song.

I am very high, -spiritually high for two more hours. It was such a beautiful experience and I long to experience more of these levels to this degree.

After the song is written I emailed Blue Otter and I told him he would have the song by 6:00 pm. He was amazed and more amazed after he received the email.

Later he introduced me to Bunny Sings Wolf who sang this song and so we became friends in music. Her voice gave the song life and I thank her for that. She composed the music the part with out words and used my melody for the written lyrics.

We shared owner ship in the composition of the music to this song. Later in 2007 it was nominated to the Canadian Music Awards. We did not win but were very happy it was nominated. You can hear this timely song by going to when in her website you will see a Prophecy Keepers area to click onto and our photos and information are there.

To end this I hope to do more writing and composing of this type of material. I won semi finalist in "Song Of The Year" songwriting contest in 2010 in Nashville so I am making progress and it is a long process when you are working poor like so many of us who are Independent Song Writers and Musicians.

So between these two songs-it tells me to keep writing. I feel honored to have written this song. Bunny's contribution as the musician and singer and our working together on the music for this song inspires me to know there is so much more to know then what we have been taught.

I thank creator and Blue Otter for suggesting I write this song.

I use this song when I am doing my Reiki Healing.It is a very healing song. There is something other worldly in the music and lyrics and the whole of the song. I also use it when I meditate.

It has been a blessing to me. I am not trying to sell this song but I want others to hear it. It is life changing. I wish I could give every person on earth a free copy!
Thank You
Karen Lake
[email protected]

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