Free Stress Management Technique

Want a stress management technique that is easy, and better than that, free?

Stress relief starts in the mind!

We read a lot these days about the power of the mind. There have been lots of books, especially in the past 100 years or so, about the importance of your thoughts as they relate to your physical health. A number of books at my spirituality ebooks page are about this very power and how to implement it.

So many diseases start in the mind, with anxiety and stress. Heart problems, weight problems, cancer... the list goes on. But why not nip these problems in the bud? Get a jump on stress before it turns into a physical problem.

Here is a simple stress management technique you can practice that can help with stress relief.

Say to yourself something along these lines: "God has given me all that I need, and I now ask for more".

Whether the problem is financial, physical or emotional/mental, you can have relief starting with this simple phrase.

The first trick to this phrase working is that you already have a start on the solution. You already have a little bit of what you are asking for.

If it is money you are after, look around you. Do you live indoors? Are you wearing clothes? You are at a computer- is it yours? Did you eat today?

Money purchased all of these things, and the fact that you have them indicates that you have some money, even if it isn't much at all.

Be grateful for the possessions that you have, for the money that you do have, and then ask for more.

With physical problems, the solution works the same way. Even if you are really, really sick, some part of your body is still working properly.

Acknowledge that part of you that is working properly, that is healthy and whole. Then, ask for more health.

Mental and emotional problems work the same way. Even if you are in the depths of despair, find one small crack in your dark armor. Look at a flower, a bird, a child playing, a beautiful sunset. Feel that moment of relief, however brief. Then, remember what that moment felt like, be grateful for it, and ask for more.

I read (somewhere?) that 54% of people in North America believe in God. I don't know where that leaves the remaining 46%, but I am willing to bet that a number of those who are agnostics and atheists have some sort of belief in something, whether it is logic, or science.

There is quite a bit of support for this stress management technique working that can be found in the New Testament.

"For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened." (Luke 11:10)

"Whoever has will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him." (Matthew 13:12)

Approach your life in this way, no matter your religious or spiritual beliefs. Consider that these concepts start in thought. Stress management techniques begin in the mind.

If you are not a religious or spiritual person, these passages can work for you, too. Consider the logic in them:

There is great power in thought. Quantum physics has shown that thoughts create physical reality first in the brain's neural pathways and from there, in a person's physical life.

A person holding a thought of wealth, having, achieving, possessing, will create more wealth, having, achieving and possessing.

A person holding a thought of lack, scarcity, no opportunity will create more lack, scarcity and no opportunity.

Like attracts like.

Act as if you already have what you want more of, by acknowledging the parts of it that you already have (rather than pretending, which can be an exercise in futility and frustration), then ask for more in the way that makes the most sense to you. Use this practice as a stress management technique and watch for the improvements!

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