The Biggest Causes of Stress

The biggest causes of stress are basically the key components of your life. In general, there are four major areas of life in which most people experience the most stress.

Begin by thinking about what is most important in your life. You might create a ranking with your top four items. These four items are where you�re most likely to experience stress, and they usually fall into some or all of these categories.

The number one cause of stress reported is financial stress. Sometimes just making ends meet can be a real challenge, and this is even more stressful if you have small children. You may need to think about ways to cut your costs to reduce the amount of financial stress you feel.

Financial stress can be as simple as not making enough money to take a vacation or as complex as needing to file bankruptcy. The best way to alleviate some of your financial stress is to talk to a financial advisor.

Another major cause of stress is work. Some jobs are much more stressful than others, and some people are more difficult to work with.

However, there is just no way of getting around the fact that work is one of the biggest causes of stress. Stress at work may be worries about whether you�re performing at the level your boss requires.

You also may feel stressed if you feel you�re constantly getting passed up for promotion.

You may even begin to wonder if you�ll have your job for much longer. Stress at work can take so many different forms that it�s pretty hard to list them all here, but just remember that the average worker spends at least 40 to 50 hours per week at work.

With such a major part of your day dedicated to work, it�s no wonder that work stress is such a big part of our lives.

Your relationships can also make you feel stressed, and this goes far beyond the stress you feel as a result of your working relationships.

Marriages that appear to be shattered and children who seem to have trouble coping with school can make anyone feel run down and stressed out. However, it�s important to remember that even though these people are making you feel stressed, your life would be much lonelier if they weren�t in it.

In fact, some people even feel stressed because they don�t have anyone to talk to.

Your health can also be one of the biggest causes of stress. Of course this is a tricky one because stress itself can cause a whole host of health problems. This can create a vicious cycle of stress and illness that can be very difficult to break.

But whether or not your health problems are the result of stress, simply being sick is very stressful. You may wonder how you�re going to work and pay the bills, or you may even begin to wonder if you�ll live to see next week.

No matter what the source of your stress is, you should always seek professional help before it gets to be too much to bear.

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