Which Meditation Technique Do You Like The Best?

The benefit of using nearly any meditation technique is frequently an improved outlook upon life, calmer demeanour in general, and an overall feeling of well being or feeling of connection to Source Energy.

The articles listed below on this page offer a few different choices. Which meditation technique do you like the best?

Hypnotize The Mind, Or, How to Get What You Want.
When you hypnotize the mind to see what you desire, you change your mind and therefore change your life. You're using the essence of hypnosis on yourself.

A Prescription For Spiritual Healing
Learn to focus your mind on quotes or word phrases that inspire and delight you. Some call this meditation technique a mantra, others call it reprogramming. Either way, filling your mind with these energy healing thoughts will certainly help make a bad day good, and a good day great!

How to Use Your Power of Visualization
The Visualization meditation technique can work to your benefit or your detriment. Your mind will create in your outer life the images you consistently hold in your inner life. To really activate energy healing, the most fast-acting visualization uses all your senses. An additional way to maximize positive visualization is to live among images that support your idea.

A Guided Meditation
A transcript of a guided meditation you can use for yourself or others. The guided meditation technique is a tool that uses imagination that stirs feelings and is a favourite with children or folks just beginning exploring meditation. It is frequently a meditation with a purpose in mind.

Meditation Technique - A General Overview
A basic understanding of meditation says that, if prayer is talking to God, then meditation is listening. Listen to a meditation tape or CD. In this meditation technique, when you notice your thoughts running away with you, gently bring your focus back to your practice.

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