Business Idea #3: For Alternative Medicine Practitioners, a Good System Is Easy to Work With.

Alternative Medicine Practitioners' Business Idea #3

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Now that I do have a successful and growing (daily!) informational web site, I can tell you that although it takes some work it is easy to create with the tools that I have.

In fact, in many ways it is very much like making Jello(tm).

Jello is very easy to make right? Children can make it, unsupervised.

Open the package, stir in the right amount of water and ice cubes and pour into the right kind of container. Place it in the refrigerator and PRESTO! In the right amount of time, you have Jello.

But what if you change the recipe?

  • What if you add extra water? (Think of the water as the actual web site building tools).

  • What if you don't put it in the right kind of container - too deep or uneven? (Think of the container as the service and support needed to learn and to grow to achieve massive success).

  • What if you take it out of the fridge too soon? (Think of the chill-time in the fridge as the "know how" to get the web site to rise to the top and be easy to find).

Change any of these factors and you won't get Jello.

The great part of the Internet system that I'm using is that as long as I follow the recipe, I get Jello, er, I mean,

...a web site that does what I want it to do.

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