Business Idea #1: For an Alternative Healing Business, a Good System Makes Success Easy.

Alternative Healing Business Idea #1

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It didn't take me a long time to discover that there is a lot more to getting business on the Internet and teaching clients than just putting up a web page. There are something like 56 million web pages, and everyone is vying to be #1 in their category.

Learning that pesky little detail took the wind out of my sails.

Sure, I could see the value in being able to reach people 24 hours a day.

Absolutely, I understood how important it could be to practically duplicate myself by being "virtually" present all the time, sharing information that would be of value to my clients.

But I could write down everything I knew, put it on a web site and it might never be found!

How could I possibly get people to the web site?

That is where this important idea for alternative healing practitioners comes in: a good system makes success easy.

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My goal with these pages is to help those in the alternative healing professions to access what I've discovered, which is a way to do business on the Internet, selling to an international market, nearly guaranteeing success and making it easy and fun in the process.

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