Business Idea #2: For an Alternative Health Professional, a Good System Isn't Limited by Geography.

Alternative Health Professionals Business Idea #2

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Here's another conflict that I ran into: I've worked in sales in a few different industries. When I was on a sales call to introduce someone to purchasing a life insurance policy I learned very quickly that what I'd read about in the sales training books was true.

"A confused mind doesn't buy."

If a person didn't have an understanding before I got to the meeting what life insurance was and the many ways it could benefit them, I would either spend too much time on the call (and make fewer sales as a result), or I'd just plain leave without making a sale.

I wonder what could have happened if all of my clients had read a tutorial on life insurance before I showed up.

Would they have been ready to buy?

Would they have purchased more insurance as a result of my teaching them before we met?

Could I have met with and helped more people because of shorter appointments?

Hindsight is 20/20. But I didn't know then what I know now.

But even if I did have a web site how could people have found it? I only covered a very small part of rural upstate New York. A web site reaches all over the world. How could I do business with people outside of my area (not to mention the fact that I wasn't licensed to work out of New York State).

I was limited by geography.

Well once I learned how to take a small, geographically based business, my interest in alternative health, and sprinkle in the Internet, I felt really empowered.

And so, fast-forward this story to around June 2005.

Still keeping in mind the story of the man with the herb shop and how he'd learned to take is "bricks and mortar" business onto the biggest street in the world (the Internet), I knew that doing business online was the "plastics" of the 21st century (any "Graduate" fans here?).

But in a sea of 56 million or more web sites, what could I do to get noticed?

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