The Business Solution for Holistic Medicine Practitioners

Holistic Medicine Practitioners' Business Idea: The Solution

I built my web site to the point it is now (it took about a year as of this writing in June 2006) and in that time I've reached

  • >a readership of about 1500 people every month, (5000 people March 2009)

  • >my web site is ranked in the top 1% of all of those 56 million web sites (according to, an Internet tracking and ranking company),

  • >many of my pages have achieved a respectable Google page rank (another neat tool that Google offers),

  • >and a small monthly income.

My plan is to continue to build my site and soon my own business of sharing information on spiritual healing and personal development will be my main source of income.

The tools I use come in one comprehensive package from SiteSell Inc., called Site Build It . The package is affordable and suitable for nearly any business to use online.

(And if you want to have a web site but don't have the time to develop it on your own, I can help you to get started and am available to either coach you through the entire web site development process or build the site for you).

Contact me for more information on creating your site.

SiteSell Inc. is owned by Dr. Ken Evoy, an M.D. gone entrepreneur, who works daily with folks who have questions about how to work with Site Build It in an online forum that is open and free to all Site Build It users.

SiteSell Inc. and the Site Build It system have allowed me to shoot for the moon with my own business ideas, and I can foresee enough monthly profits coming to me in the next 12 months or less that I'll be able to quit my day job and teach spiritual healing and energy healing online full-time.

I am excited to share my story with other holistic medicine and alternative therapies practitioners, because I see the value that we can offer to your clients and to the general public. This is a business idea whose time has come.

It's about making sense of the Internet.

I've put lots of links in this report to informational pages about Site Build It, but here is one more that shows case studies of many different kinds of businesses and how they've used Site Build It, with some very impressive results.

Read those case studies here to compare to your business idea.

If you have questions about my story or how Site Build It can fit your holistic medicine practice or business idea, please contact me and I will get right back to you!

Or contact SiteSell here for questions.

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