10 Tips For Reducing Stress

Everyone could use some tips for reducing stress because stress seems to be all around us. Life itself is stressful, and sometimes it�s easy for stress to get out of control. It�s important to control the amount of stress we experience on a daily basis if you want to stay healthy because stress can really take a toll on your body.

1. Starting with the basics, the first way to reduce stress is to simply avoid situations that you know will stress you out. If you begin feeling anxious when you watch the news, then just turn the television off. Whenever you feel like the conversation at the water cooler is approaching an issue that causes you stress, it�s time to head back to work. These simple things will greatly reduce the amount of stress that has access to you and your life.

2. If you can�t avoid the situation altogether, then remember that you can do things to change it. After all, simple avoidance only works for a while. Then it�s time to buck up and keep living life. This second tip is pivotal to changing from a person who stresses to a person who jumps into action.

3. Number three on our list of tips for reducing stress involves adapting. You can�t always change your situation, but you can always change how you feel about it. Simply talking about a stressful situation can not only help you feel better, but it can also show you ways to adapt. Sometimes the situation isn�t what needs to change. It�s you. Talking is also a great way to figure out exactly what you can do to feel better about things.

4. Everyone needs to take time to focus on themselves, and sometimes a little time is all we need to feel the stress begin to slip away. Take a break from whatever you�re doing and take a walk. Just simply thinking about things will go a long way toward making you feel less stressed.

5. Everyone needs to have fun sometimes, and this is an easy aspect of life to forget. Sometimes just blowing off a little steam and relaxing a bit with the people who mean the most to you can greatly reduce your stress.

6. Practice breathing exercises to circulate the oxygen throughout your body. More oxygen creates healthier bodies and makes it easier to deal with difficulties that come our way.

7. Studies have shown that laughter is one of the best techniques for reducing stress because it circulates oxygen through our bodies. Laughter also stimulates the production of those �feel good� hormones.

8. Everyone should have one activity that helps them reduce stress. This activity can be anything you love to do as long as it�s healthy. Binge eating doesn�t count as a stress-relieving activity.

9. Eat (and drink) healthier by making sure you get the recommended amount of each of the food groups. Your body needs the proper nutrients in order to fight back against stress. Cutting back on caffeine and alcohol will also help you feel less stressed overall.

10. Finally, don�t put things off. You�d be surprised how much stress can be avoided if you simply get things done now instead of trying to cram five things into the amount of time you had to do two things. After all, if you finished those first three things now, then you wouldn�t feel stressed about the amount of work that now all needs to be finished at once.

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