Use Your Power of Intention

Don't be a victim of your life's circumstances. Use your power of intention to live consciously. I know when I have reacted to my life I have felt a victim of circumstances.

I wonder if most of us have forgotten, or never knew, that the power of intention, the power of the mind, is our human birthright. Intention, our consciousness, is our ace in the hole, the certain thing that sets us apart from, well, any other species or blob of assimilated matter we encounter.

Use your noodle!

I see people paralyzed by fear. We don't know what it is that drives us so much of the time! Fear, greed � these emotions cause more problems in bank accounts, grocery stores, offices, families, politics...

People who succeed in life have the ability to focus. But � what is success? For that matter, what is focus?

To use the human power of intention requires a self-determined direction. This topic is of never-ending interest to me. Where do we cross the line from living on will-power to living a life of consciousness, connected to Source? And why does this matter?

Enter the power of intention. I made a pact several years ago with my two closest friends to live a conscious life. By making that agreement with Source, with each other and with our inner-most selves, we set wheels in motion. We joke now that we didn't know what we were getting into. But the ride is glorious!

We intended, by our pact, that we'd commit ourselves to living the most genuine, the most true lives we possibly could. We committed to Source that we'd live to be conscious in every area of our lives.

By living consciously, on our own terms, we feel we are not victims of our own lives. I rarely think that things happen to me; rather I feel as if I prepave my way to conditions, and I can use the power of my own mind to work with Source to live an inspired life.

After all, every decision I make, action I take or thought I have is the very thing that lines up the next link in my life's chain of events.

I feel freer now in my life than ever before.

And the more I practice feeling free like this, the more free I get! After all, I am using my own power of intention to live a life of freedom. I get to decide what freedom means, and I get to refine that definition as I go along.

Most every person has the ability to live the power of intention in her or his life, in this way I've just described.

Not too long ago, I received a letter from a Filipino woman who was living in Singapore and working as a nanny. She has a very strong desire to come to the United States to improve her English and to get an education. She thought it might be possible to come to the US. She even has family members who've done it.

In my letters to her I encouraged her to believe that she can follow her dream. While it isn't clear now how she'll make the expensive trip, or get into school, or do any of the other steps, I encouraged her to take a step in the direction of moving and getting an education. Those first steps may very well be in Singapore. There are excellent schools there.

We wrote back and forth about a half dozen times before she stopped writing. I hope one day that she does accomplish her dream. But it is entirely up to her.

If in her first letter she'd written and asked me to do the work for her, I most likely would have written back to explain that the work was hers to do. But right from the start it was clear that this young woman knew that she needed to participate in the evolution of her goal.

If her tone had been whiney or depressive, I certainly wouldn't have written more than once (if at all). A whiney or depressive attitude only leads to victim hood and a disempowered life.

But I was excited by her joy. I was inspired myself by her tackling such a big goal. Could my friend have achieved her goal right there in Singapore? I believe she could. Improving her English, getting her education, raising her social status � all these things are available more and more to anyone in nearly every culture of the world.

However, she had very specific ideas that she wanted to fulfill for herself, which included her vision of what country she wanted to move to and what educational discipline she wanted to pursue. And so that is the dream I encouraged her to believe in.

I believe that one day, in some way that perhaps she doesn't yet see, my young friend will realize her dream. It is her intention to get there. The power of intention is strong.

Conscious decisions launch series of events that, through Source, and through the power of intention, bring unimagined support. That power is waiting for you to tap.

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