Reclaim Your Story as an Inspirational Story

If you're looking for an inspirational story, you don't have to look any further than your own life. I believe that every person in the world has a great story to tell. Actually, I believe everybody has lots of them.

While there are an infinite number of stories from faith and history that can loan you some faith and hope, knowing your own inspirational story is the best way to come to know, beyond doubt, that something good is at work in your own life.

Who doesn't know their own story? Lots of people. For one thing, we are so busy living our lives that we often fail to reflect on them. We rehash only the segments of our lives that we regret, or the ones we are nostalgic for, which doesn't give us the big picture. Most insidious of all, we think we already know our stories, because we've been listening to people tell them to us all our lives.

Then there's the issue of pain. Many of us have experienced so much, we're sure that there is no inspiration to be found in our story. Don't let a difficult past stop you from embracing your story. Your life doesn't have to be pretty to show you its beauty. To inspire is to take in spirit. Trust me when I tell you that, if you're here, you are in-Spired!

There are several methods that you can use to broaden your perspective on your story. One is simply to write down everything you can remember, beginning as far back as you can remember. As you do so, you're bound to uncover wonderful things you haven't thought of in years. The times you took a risk. The times you loved. All those people who were in your life for a short time, and yet blessed you forever.

If you're afraid you'd get bogged down in writing everything you remember, experiment with using a timeline. Turn a long piece of paper sideways, and draw a line across the center. Put a zero at the beginning of the line, and write your current age at the end. Then, make marks to indicate every five or ten years. Between those lines, mark and label significant moments, whether they seemed positive or negative to you at the time. Knowing what you know now, has your perspective changed?

Make a mark or special symbol through the timeline to show when each inspirational story occurred.

If you're inspired to bravery, and you really want to see the big picture, share your story with another person. Better yet, undertake this project with a small group of people doing the same thing. They will see miracles in events you take for granted and will give you fresh appreciation for your personal journey. You'll be inspired by their lives and have the privilege of helping them see the power they've exhibited, too.

Help someone else find her inspirational story.

The reward for your time, effort and energy will be a sense of awe for the life breathing through all of us, and a trust in the process of life that you have, perhaps, never had before. That's exactly what an inspirational story is supposed to do!

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