Hello Again,

My name is Karen Lake McElroy. I am the writer of the words to Prophecy Keeper Song. I listen to this song often.

Some time ago before the oil disaster in Louisiana, I was at work at the Coeur d Alene Casino. I was on my break and was sitting in the lounge where I was a Buffet Attendant. I see a vision of a beautiful Indian/Celtic looking woman in the clouds. Looking up towards the sky. I see tears streaming down her face. Down below are trees shrubs and dead animals. The earth is dying. She is very sad and her heart is breaking.

I take all of this to heart. There is a lone eagle in the sky and a few green living plants but the earth is slowly dying off.

I felt very sad by this vision. Then in an instant words come to me and a song emerges. It is very sad. It is the song to go with the vision creator has given to me to get the word out.

If we are serious about our dear Mother Earth we must hurry and pray for her and all of her inhabitants before it is too late and then we must take action.

I met yesterday with some musicians/songwriters and we will be getting the music set to this very important song. By the 1st of the year I hope.

I feel this is very cruciual to get this song done soon. I want to have control of this song myself because I feel the importance of this song for humanity. Creator has answered prayers for me to pursue this song.

I will have the control and everyone involved will get residual money from the song. I am going to send the GROUND ZERO rebuilding fund IN NEW YORK CITY $1.00 for every CD that sells.

I feel this project is so very important for Peace in Our World.I have been without funds to pursue this song but answered prayers have made it possible to do it now in the last hours so to speak.

I have also written a world peace article and hope to publish it the first of the year also as funds permit me to do so.

I have an artist friend who is doing the artwork for the CD. She needs to be paid along with some of the musicians and then getting it out. the final work before it is released.

I feel this is my important contributions to humanity and I need all of your prayers and strength.

Mass consciousness is so important in our world now. Please pray for me and my musical project. I will keep this site updated on this project.

Thank You
Karen Lake Mcelroy

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